Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Overdressed Does Not Lead to Success

Now that I have been running consistently for the past few months I kinda have a handle on what to wear  for a run. Note to self: the way you dress to run is not I repeat not the same way you dress for regular activities (work, school, etc.). When you run your body heats up and you begin to sweat and sweat and being overdressed is not a good combo trust me on this one.

Last night I went for my group run with Black Girls Run at the park. You know what all this crazy weather in New York City, snow one day and fifty degree weather the next day,  I never know what to wear. I wore  my fleece tights (I live by those things), my running skirt (can't leave home without it), my Old Navy performance dri-fit long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie, and my gloves. Now to a non-runner one may think I am under-dressed or dressed appropriately. But to a runner they can tell from a glimpse I was going to be hot and out of my hoodie in no time. Someone came up to me (she did it so nicely) but was like I think you will get hot while running. Honestly, I do not mind getting hot while running, they say the more you sweat the more weight you lose right!!! Anywho by miles one my gloves were off, by two mile mark of my run I had the hoodie wrapped around my waist and by mile three I was overheated from the fleece tights.

Overall I ran 5 miles last night: one loop around Prospect Park (3.4 miles) and from Prospect Park to Nostrand Avenue (1.75 miles). I do not think I am ready to run in a singlet and shorts just yet but I think I am ready to wear less layers to run now.

In running news: I have improved my time in the beginning I used to run 11 minutes a mile on average and now I dropped to 9:40ish a mile on average. My goal for the half-marathon is to run under 2 hours and 10 mins ( I think 2 hours maybe a stretch) and to run consistently under 10 minutes a mile.  


  1. I hear ya! This took a few weeks for me to learn as well! I'm in DE, so we pretty much have the same weather as you do. It was shocking to me how much sweating happens during runs! On another note, my first race was in the city! I did a biathalon in central park about 5 years ago!

  2. Today Yah, I absolutely understand the over dressed issue while running. I was in Chicago when I started running in the beginning of December. Sis we must have been having a Indian summer or something. It was warm cold warm and I 'm like you didn't know how to dress and I was running on the lake. Recently, I moved to Ohio which is nothing like Chicago and it is COLD. When, I arrived i'm thinking no running for me, but it's nothing like being outside and using all your own strength to get that heart pumping and legs burning, Lol. Eventually, I figured it out. After while u know just how much ammo you have and what your goal is for the day. I would love to do a marathon one day. Keep up the good work!!!